Today's Geo Quiz --- taps into your knowledge of Brazil. The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world. It covers much of the northwestern Brazilian state we're looking for. This state borders Bolivia to the south and Peru to the west. And it has a key role in a new plan to help protect the rainforest... and the local economy. The plan's a little unorthodox. The government's opened a factory in this state to produce condoms. They'll be made of latex harvested by local rubber tappers working in the rainforest. The plan might also help reduce Brazil's reliance on foreign imports. Brazil purchased more than a billion condoms in recent years as part of a massive effort to reduce the spread of AIDS. So where is this new state-run condom factory? We'll name the Brazilian state here The answer now to our Geo Quiz ...It's where Brazilian health officials plan to start turning out locally made condoms. The factory's in the Brazilian state of Acre. AcreAcre These won't just be run-of-the-mill contraceptives. Officials say they'll be made of rubber harvested from the Amazon rainforest.... and most of them will be given away free to combat AIDS.

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