The German chancellor has decided to boycott the Beijing Olympics in protest of China's treatment of Tibet. The French president is considering the same. President Bush plans to attend the opening ceremonies, but has publicly expressed his concern about how harshly China has reacted to protests in Tibet. Guest host Lawrence O’Donnell explores how the protests will affect the Olympic Games as well as China's policy toward Tibet.

As China prepares to welcome the Olympic Games, world leaders are under increasing pressure protest China's treatment of Tibet. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Britain's Prince Charles are all boycotting the opening of the Beijing Olympics, and some American politicians want President Bush to do the same. Will public embarrassment of China help Tibetans? Will protests in Tibet derail the Olympics? Should world leaders boycott the Olympic Games in Beijing? Are western leaders applying double standards when it comes to human rights?


- John Ackerly: President, International Campaign for Tibet
- James Lilley: Former US Ambassador to South Korea and China
- Michael Chugani: Columnist, "South China Morning Post"
- Doug Cassel: Director of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, Notre Dame

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