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Zimbabwe on the brink

(So we know now that Mugabe's party lost control of the parliament, is that a win for the opposition?) it's huge, to actually see it endorsed by the government agency in charge of elections is an enormous achievement, a first. This is now official. The government is saying very little about this though. (Still nothing definitive about the presidential election, but is there any other news?) We don't know when they're going to announce a verdict. There's some suggestion that tomorrow is a procedural deadline for announcing the vote, but there's no guarantee. All kinds of rumors have emerged as a result of the lack of an announcement. Today the MDC tried to fill that void by giving its own results, in district by district. (What does Mugabe have to say about that proof?) Mugabe's party said it was too close to call, Mugabe hasn't talked at all though. (Will Mugabe accept defeat and if not will the opposition candidate accept a run off election?) Those who know Mugabe say he'll never accept defeat, that he still believes is Zimbabwe's only natural leader. As for whether the opposition candidate can accept a run off, he appeared yesterday and declared himself the winner of the election. His party said it will accept a run off though, if less than 50% of support is proven. (Has the country fundamentally changed with all this?) With all the debate going on now, no one believed this kind of debate could've happened a few years ago. There's no doubt, this country will never be the same.

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