Is Mugabe going to be able to cling on to power or will there be change? Inflation is at 100,000%, malnutrition is chronic, so people are suffering and fed up. They see that Mugabe's role is only going to perpetuate that. (So as people get weaker, their vote is getting stronger?) Yes. South Africa has also tried to broker negotiations between Mugabe and the opposition and one of the reforms they instituted was a posting of election results when they're available and this is making it more difficult for Mugabe to fudge the results. (How about pressure from the US? Does Secretary Rice's condemnation have any influence?) No influence, but it does make it clear that Mugabe is isolating Zimbabwe further and further. People feel that if they weren't so isolated, more supported by the international community, that things wouldn't be so bad. (Do you have a feeling that Mugabe has played out his hand as leader of Zimbabwe?) I do feel so. This is beginning to show other African leaders criticizing Mugabe maintaining his role. (Any other reflections now that you live out of the country?) I have lots of hope for Zimbabwe. This is not just a struggle between Mugabe and the opposition, but a struggle for the people of Zimbabwe to reassert democracy. (What can a new administration do in the country?) Many economists say the economy could turn around quickly, but in a couple years that's a reality and the international community would need to help.

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