Sarkozy's visit Britain

(What was the scene at 10 Downing Street when Sarkozy and Bruni emerged?) It was one full of paparazzi and Sarkozy came up with Gordon Brown. But then with Carla Sarkozy, the paparazzi surged forward yelling her name and then Sarah Brown was not called out by anybody. (How did Sarkozy respond to this?) Well a French journalist said the press are in love with you, Sarkozy, and your wife but aren't you worried that she might overshadow you? Sarkozy smiled and looked quite moved and said she's an honor to our country. (Now it's understandable the press would focus on Bruni, but will it distract from the business at hand here?) Not too much, but the press are comparing her to Jackie Kennedy and the French press are also picking up on the fact that she's like Diana.