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Curveball's intelligence

(So who is Curveball?) He was educated as a chemical engineer in Iraq, he worked on a seed processing plant near Baghdad in the 1990s and he had nothing to do with WMPs. He then applied for asylum in Germany as an Iraqi who suffered under Saddam. One way to get to the front of the line for asylum seekers was to give important intelligence info that Western countries were interested in. (What's his real name?) We're not giving his full name for his own security, his first name is Rafik. (Does Curveball show any remorse for giving faulty intelligence which has led to a deadly war?) He denied having given false information and in that sense he doesn't feel responsibility. (But he did give false info.) Yes, from everything we know, it shows Curveball did lie on the most important info he gave. We feel very convinced from our reporting that he lied on a series of very important points. (So he made up stories to please his new host?) I can't conclusively say that. The head of CIA operations for Europe at the time has said that he believes Curveball did just that. (One thing that makes me scratch my head is why no one checked his background.) It was difficult to check his background; most people who knew him lived in Baghdad at the time. There was not enough research done about the people who knew him in Germany, and he had a reputation in Germany as someone who was a liar and not responsible.

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