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Writer sets mystery in Tibet

Tibet is a gem of a civilization and I seek to preserve the culture through my novels. His series follows the exploits of a former police investigator and ex-con who works to solve crimes in Tibet. Tibet says his two objectives in writing the novels were to share his views on Tibet and his outrage about Chinese actions towards Tibet. I haven't been in touch with my Tibetans contacts lately because the Chinese government is harsh on Tibetans who have contact with outsiders. (The situation right now, how would you characterize it?) I think it's very historic. The Chinese want to eliminate all dissent and have allowed pressure to build so the violence now is unprecedented. Nobody knows how this is going to come out. The Chinese have since upgraded their campaign of repression. (Give us one example of how you integrate these kinds of events in your books?) People will see that the Chinese repression becomes part of the plot of my books. (Is the plot based on actual events?) The answer is not fictional, only the characters are. The Chinese government blocks my website and my books are banned.