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Monks protest in Tibet

On March 10th there were two incidents: one was about 300 monks from the largest monastery went to march and were blocked by the police and apparently there was some confrontations and eventually the 300 were returned to their monastery. We also heard some people were arrested but the Chinese officials said no arrests were made. in a separate incident the main cathedral in one city, about 11 people were arrested, mostly monks from the second largest monastery. And then yesterday, about 500-600 monks marched to demand the release of the arrested monks and they were also stopped by police. Witnesses told us tear gas was fired into the crowd. (Could you explain how you got this information because it's difficult to get reporters inside Tibet?) We have our sources and there are a lot of lawyer listeners and people call us and verify this news. (Does it surprise you that these protests are happening now?) No, because March 10th is the anniversary of the Tibetan uprising that was crushed by China. (Are you surprised that the Chinese government has confirmed these protests have happened?) Yes, but it's a bit hard for the government to completely deny it happened. (What can you tell us about the monks who are protesting?) Most of these monks are very, some as young as 15 or 16 but most are in their twenties and most are outside the Tibet autonomous region. (What does it mean that they're so young?) These are young, fresh monks and are therefore brave.