We're in search for one of the globe's northernmost towns in today's Geo Quiz. This town is located on Spitsbergen Island. That's a Norwegian island located in the Arctic Ocean. Spitsbergen Island: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ramonduranSpitsbergen Island: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ramonduran The island's largest town can be found at 78 degrees North. Which is well above the Arctic Circle. So it's really cold there. AND really dark during the long winter. Four months out of the year, the sun doesn't even rise above the horizon. The town's polar night -- as they call it -- just ended a few days ago. So help us find this Norwegian town where flashlights come in VERY handy in the wintertime. The sun came up today on Spitzbergen. That doesn't sound too surprising. But consider this. Until a few days ago, it was nighttime allthe time on Norway's largest island. That's because Spitzbergen is one of those places that experiences a "polar night" each winter. Which means the sun doesn't make it over the horizon for months. For our Geo Quiz we were looking for a town on Spitzbergen -- one of the world's northern most towns, in fact. It's where Irene Gustafson works as a tourism specialist.

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