(What is the mood at the summit?) The tension is obvious, the leaders were about to hit each other. It was amazing. (And apparently the Colombian President has accused the Ecuadorian president of having links to FARC and that those links helped him get reelected. Those are fighting words). Yes and the Mexican President said the personal attacks are making it worse. (Remind us of the positions the main players have taken.) The Colombian army fought this FARC leader in Ecuadorian territory. Ecuador felt offended so Ecuador is asking for an explanation or apology and then a regional condemnation from other countries. (Is anyone pointing the finger at Ecuador or is it all at Colombia?) I don't believe they are going to come up with this because this is an argument about sovereignty and most countries are saying that shouldn't happen. They say they sympathize with the Colombian government and the threat of terrorism, but they don't agree with their actions. (Do people think this will lead to war?) No they don't think that but the problem is there doesn't seem to be an end to the attacks.

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