Global Politics

Women and diplomacy

AD describes her experience dealing with her male counterparts: some ignore me and some pay a lot of attention. (What does that depend on?) It depends if they know me or if they don't. if they know me and what I've done, I get a lot of respect. (What does it take to get there?) To get people to know what I'm doing, those who are good partners know that. Today we were only women around the table and it was absolutely different and it was friendly but also frank, and was a very good feeling and unfortunately we have it only from time to time. (What's the first thing that came up?) most of those women have the experience and know it can be done. So the first thing is a kind of frustration shared by everyone. But because we're so to the point I think a list of ideas and things that can be done were made. this chemistry that was found among women leaders all over the world is really something that is powerful and leaves me speechless. (I wonder in reality, if women are at the negotiating table is there more evidence that conflict can be avoided?) I think we are on the second layer but not actually at the table and this is something we have to change and why we had this meeting today.

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