In the last three or four years, because of globalization, there are many ways of entertaining Indian audiences and they understand more subtle differences in acting. As a trained actor, I feel the time has come for us to produce the next gen of actors who are more educated and understand international cinema. (How are you teaching Bollywood actors that come from India then?) My school in Bollywood is just training actors, but not in any particular style, so they can do exaggerated acting as well as other styles. The only thing taught that's different is Bollywood dancing. (How is that different?) It has its own rhythm and own feel. You have to go a bit wild. And it's a very integral part of our culture. We celebrate life. We are not a quiet people. (Is there a model for acting versatility?) I have played a wide range of characters even. Someone like Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro are such models as well, they identify with their characters. Actors shouldn't take themselves too seriously. (What's your best advice?) Nothing is better than honesty or hard work. Come up with your own self and style, and be original.

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