JI says Hugo Chavez talked about the conflict again today, saying he wanted peace and not war which sounds contradictory given up the troop build up on the border with Colombia, which he described as an imperial lackey which wants war. (Lackey to the US?) Yes, this is classic Chavez, railing against what he sees as US interference in Latin America. (Does that mean he would think twice before taking any overt military action?) I think that troops are building up, and his navy and air force are being activated, means that he is ready. Colombia's army is bigger than Venezuela and Ecuador's armies put together, so many people doubt that this will end with military options. (What support does Colombia have from the US?) Definitely political backing, Colombia is probably the only country in South America that Bush can promise is with him. The US also gives Colombia aid and for their military and for their intelligence. (Did the US assist with this raid in Ecuador?) Yes, both Ecuador and Colombia have both said the US was involved.

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