South Africa's Education Minister recently unveiled a draft of the new pledge of the allegiance. The full pledge is ten lines long and ends with the words: diverse people unite, Lord bless Africa. But the text has sparked an outcry. One analyst asks why South Africa must dwell on their injustices? The host of this radio shows says the pledge touched a nerve by making references to the injustices of the past and people don't want to be reminded of it. in many ways injustice continues and many neighborhoods are still segregated and the crime rate is among the world's worst. Teachers worry kids are growing up without a sense of national unity or civic pride, and the Education Ministry wants to respond to that according to this professor. The professor calls the pledge superficial. Last December the ruling ANC Party called for better education and a few weeks after that a pledge of allegiance was proposed. This politician worries that the pledge imposes politics on kids. Not everyone opposes the pledge, many like the idea but feel the wording needs work.

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