What should a leader sound like? The war time voice of Winston Churchill around World War II. Or should they sound like President George H.W. Bush? There's a distinct difference in their voices, one deep and resonant, the other, not. The accusation was Bush's voice was wimpy, but how much does the sound of the voice matter? Hillary Clinton's voice and her laugh has been the subject of debate in the US and elsewhere. This vocal technique instructor at an acting troupe in Britain says Clinton's voice reflects her leadership qualities, all her habits signal force. She says her presentation is off putting. But your voice is your voice, and not everyone can have a voice like Reagan's. Reagan's voice conveys warmth and is likeable. Margaret Thatcher's voice was relatively light at first, and then she sought out voice coaching. Obama is a fine orator as well, which Clinton has acknowledged. The voice coach says Obama is more approachable vocally and in his body. It's as if the voice and style of Obama is a bit more female says the coach.

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