The McLaughlin Group is, in some ways, the godfather of TV punditry. It debuted in 1982, back when Tucker Carlson was but a glint in his mother's bowtie. It quickly established a format - the bitter and impassioned roundtable breakdown - that is now mirrored every day on every channel. And McLaughlin still does it better. Sure Hannity and Colmes squabble sometimes, but when Eleanor Clift goes after Pat Buchanan there's a decent chance she's gonna beat him with a tire iron. And that's what political analysis is all about. damn, youAnd how can you not love a moderator who never actually moderates? John McLaughlin's sole responsibility is to keep people from yelling over each other, yet he loves nothing more than quietly lounging in his recliner while the pundits rip each others' hearts out. Nowadays The McLaughlin Group is working on a whole other level. The crazy analogies, the bald faced aggression - it's not simple discourse anymore. The McLaughlin Group is operating on a level that is bigger than just words. That's why Fair Game is thrilled to welcome songwriter and rock star Andrew W. K., who was so inspired by Mclaughlin's artistry- his POETRY- that he's used it as the basis for a new rock song.

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