The six country poll asked whether a black or female president would have a positive or negative effect on the US or overseas. Responses in Spain were typical: 55% thought a black US president would be positive compared to just 33% of those polled in the US. This mail carrier in Barcelona says he likes the idea of an ethnic minority in the White House. He says a black president would produce positive changes beyond US borders as well, for example, he thinks Obama would end the war in Iraq before Clinton, a sentiment heard again and again in Europe. Obama is very popular across Europe. This journalist says the press has over exaggerated Obama. But according to the poll, Europeans also like the idea of a female US president, and this journalist says Europeans are used to female leaders. Another factor driving support for a female or black president is because they would not be Republicans, according to the journalist. Europeans have never elected an ethnic minority to their top position. But not so fast says the mailman, Obama is not in the same category because African Americans have been more integrated into American society than the typical ethnic minority in France or Spain.

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