Colombia's President Uribe has made few comments since apologizing to Ecuador for their intrusion. Meanwhile the presidents of Ecuador and Venezuela went ballistic and both are accusing violations of international law. Colombia is an ally of the US and a recipient of US aid. Venezuela and Ecuador have been harsh critics of the US and Colombia. Uribe said he's going to take Chavez to international court. Colombia has been fighting a 20 year war against the FARC and several thousand people have died in its conflict. The Colombian government claims it has evidence that indicate relations between the Venezuelan government and the FARC. The Venezuelan and Ecuadorian governments say the files are fabricated and the Ecuadorian president today lashed out against Colombia. Venezuela has shut down its border with Colombia, while Ecuador has sent its troops to its border with Colombia making it a tense time for Colombia. President Bush has reiterated his support for Uribe's government. Most South American governments disapprove of Colombia's actions.

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