Last January President Bush ordered an additional shipment of 30,000 U.S. troops to Iraq. From the beginning, this so-called military "surge" was greeted by a public outcry, particularly among guys named "Serge" and "Sergio." At first the first the surge wasn't working at all, then it totally was, then it kinda wasn't, and now John McCain is probably having the words "I TOLD YOU SO" tattooed on his chest, right below the tattoo that says "Women's Suffrage Now." Even some of its original detractors seem to agree surge has worked, to the point where Iraq is barely being discussed in Presidential debates. How did all these insurgents who used to be attacking each other, themselves, really anyone available - how were they suddenly able to see the light? Well, it could be battle exhaustion. Could be a change of heart. Or it could be that it pays pretty well. Right now, our military is paying insurgents cold hard cash to behave like civilized human beings. $10 a day, under the Surge initiative, is being paid to individual Iraqis to not kill each other. Or us. Fair Game's Todd Levin joins Faith Salie with more on this.

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