This is a diplomatic crisis that has rocked South America. The Colombian government has hailed the killing of the FARC's #2 commander as their strongest blow yet. But Colombia's incursion into neighboring Ecuador has been strongly condemned by neighboring nations. Ecuador has made an official complaint and sent thousands of troops to their border. President Chavez has gone further and has reacted strongly. He says we don't want war but he won't allow Colombia to weaken us. the troop escalation has brought relations between Colombia and Venezuela to a new low and is being kept there by Chavez's strong words against Uribe. As tanks prepare to move, other South American leaders are rushing to prevent war. They've called an emergency meeting of South American states asking for restraint from all sides. Forces have never before been mobilized by Chavez. This member of the opposition doubts he could do it. Colombia also says there is evidence that Venezuela has given the FARC financial assistance and before that in 1990s, the FARC sent Chavez money. This shows a divide in the region with how to deal with the FARC. Chavez believes the FARC is legitimate. Venezuela's opposition have rejected his moves. But he is prepared to defend what he thinks is right.

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