Maybe it was a scheduling fluke and maybe not when Obama and Hillary Clinton descended on the same Columbus suburb on Sunday. Clinton talked about how she'd fix Ohio's ailing economy but also talked about who she thought would be the best commander in chief to handle the incredible difficulties. She invoked the same image that her latest TV image does, of which leader do you want answering the phone about a crisis somewhere in the world. Clinton said she had the ability to make tough decisions and has the right plan to solve energy problems and deal with national security. This woman went in undecided but came out convinced about Clinton's experience. This woman says she's also being swayed in Clinton's direction. But these two women say the new TV ad comes off as scare tactics. A few hours later Obama gave a speech that focused mostly on the economy but also addressed some of Clinton's criticisms. Obama said Clinton's vote in 2002 to authorize Bush's use of force in Iraq shows that she lacks judgment in foreign policy. With the Iraq War being so unpopular with Democratic voters, this may be a tough way for Clinton to win voters from Obama says this political science. One thing both candidates agree on is bringing American troops home from Iraq.

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