Turkish troops in Northern Iraq

(Bush is calling on the Turks to move and get out quickly, but not get out immediately). Yeah and the Kurdish government up here is under a lot of pressure. There are two governments in Iraq, the central government in Baghdad and the autonomous Kurdish leadership in the north. The Kurds in the north consider this a sabotage of their autonomy. But this Turkish operation is not outside the scope of many offensives launched against the PKK in the northern Iraq since the 1990s. they're targeted a very desolate and mountainous area. And what's changed since the 1990s is the rising expectations and pride of the Kurdish people. (What's their view of President Bush then?) I think publicly there will be criticism but privately they understand. It's been months now that Turkey has been pressuring the US and the Iraqi governments to crack down on PKK who have either been unwilling or unable to crack down. (Iran's President is also visiting soon. Is this a controversial visit and why is he visiting?) it is definitely controversial. This will be the first head of a regional country to visit Iraq so this gives the government here the recognition it craves. Many Sunnis here though resent the support Iran gives the Shiite majority. The US military is being very cautious.