I think about McCain every day because every day I walk my dog not too far from where McCain went down in 1967 during the height of the Vietnam War. We often speak with local people during our walk. I ran into a drunken man who claimed he was the one who shot down McCain's plane. He now drinks every afternoon. He tells about his heroic moment. He says after he caught him, he lost his anger for him and felt sympathy. Anger was running high back then because of propaganda from the North Vietnamese. McCain has talked much about his time as a POW during campaigns, which translates into a hero story. This businesswoman was 14 when she first learned of McCain. She sounds like a McCain campaign worker. She is obsessed, I'd say. She's written a book based on McCain. McCain did come here in 1985 and 2000 and played a large role in repairing relations between the two countries. Many believe that as an American president he'd be good for Vietnam. McCain says he was mistreated and tortured in prison but that's what makes him a hero to this woman. The woman's book isn't selling too well yet. Others say McCain owes them, such as this man who saved McCain's life when he pulled him from the lake where his crashed plane landed.

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