Conflict & Justice

Agreement reached in Kenya

Annan announced the power sharing deal today, but also said that the agreement needs to be carried out by all aspects of Kenyan society. (What brought you to Kibera?) it was a flashpoint of violence and an opposition stronghold and I thought if there was one place in Nairobi where people would be more skeptical it would be there. I went to one bar and men there had very hard attitudes, even threatening violence. (That one man, it sounds like his anger is motivated more by tribal affiliation than politics?) I think it's a bit of both. He supports the opposition leader Odinga. (Where else did you go where more moderate views were expressed?) Down the street I came to a barber shop and the attitudes got even more positive when they heard what the terms of the agreement were. One of the men there, an unemployed driver, by the end of the speeches he was ready to go and ask for his job back. I also asked him if he thought his Kikuyu neighbors could come back, and he said the timing wasn't yet right but will be soon. (I know you spoke to some of this displaced. What was their view?) This is a group of a few hundred Kikuyus and they're still camped out and are sleeping in bushes. But they're excited about the agreement.