Sudanese war crime suspects still free

KH says there is plenty of evidence against the two suspects: Haroon was the State Minister for the Interior in Sudan with special responsibilities at the Darfur Security Desk and in that role he funded and mobilized the Janjuweed militias and he's charged with inciting the militias as well. He addressed a gathering of Janjuweed militia in 2003 saying that the children of the largest ethnic tribe in Darfur had become rebels and they should be booty for the Janjuweed to rape and pillage and plunder. The other suspect was more directly involved in the violence. He became a leader of the Janjuweed militias and the evidence indicates he had participated in at least one mass killing. (So in the past year what has happened to these two?) The latter was in custody briefly and he was released by the government of Sudan which said there was not sufficient evidence to convict him. (Why have they not be turned over to international courts?) The government of Sudan denies jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and also denies the severity of the Darfur conflict. (What about Haroon?) He has never be detained or charged or investigated. On the contrary, he's been promoted and he's now the Acting Minister of Humanitarian Affairs. (So he should be protecting the people who he's been accused of murdering?) it's another cruel way of the Sudanese government thumbing its nose at the international community. (How are they allowed to have this war crimes suspect still in office?) Actually there was no real public condemnation. The EU is largely silent on this issue. (Have all the pressures on the Sudanese government all been for naught?) I think so, we're trying to get this UN peacekeeping force deployed which was first called in 2006. that force is only at a third of its full force.