(You've been at a camp for displaced people. Where is it and who is there?) The camp is actually at the capitol showgrounds and it's taken in the people who have become displaced in Nairobi. The minority Kikuyus from the major slum of Nairobi have fled here during the violence. (The Kenyan government is closing the camp, why?) the numbers have dropped over the past few weeks, where some of these people have gone to other rural areas. It's just the most vulnerable who are left. The slum which they fled from has terrible conditions so people showed up to take advantage of the aid being provided. By one estimate 9 thousand people were there during the day whereas just a thousand where there at night. People were told they were going to have transport to another camp, but that never came and there is no other camp, so these vulnerable people are left there. (You're talking about people in this camp who are HIV positive.) When I say vulnerable, people who are receiving AIDS drugs and need to take those drugs with food and it's the third day where these people have not had a food source. A group of AIDS patients supporting each other there looked listless and tired. (It's not just Kenyans there, you met some Ethiopians as well). Yes, they have no place to go. Some were bussed to another camp in the north of Kenya, but several others didn't feel safe traveling there. they've just been left there. (How are their needs going to be met?) the head of the UN office here was unaware of the situation so maybe from her there will be some change, but it's unclear.

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