The agreement brings together the party of former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif's and the Pakistan People's Party, which was led by Benazir Bhutto until her assassination. (These parties don't have a history of friendship). In the past they were fierce rivals. Nawaz's Sharif decision to prosecute Benazir Buttho and her husband for corruption caused them to go into exile and her husband spent several years in prison. Now they're sitting side by side and committed to bringing democracy to Pakistan. They both want to bring democracy and civilian rule back to Pakistan, of a free media, of the preeminence of the national assembly and an independent judiciary. (How much support do these parties have from the Pakistani people?) Well they're no longer the opposition, they're now the majority. What they don't yet have is a two-thirds majority in the national assembly which is what's needed to change the constitution. (Is this mega party encouraged by the US to be nice to Musharraf?) Yes there have been statements to that effect, saying Pakistan needs stability and not turmoil.

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