The authors have heard the comparison to Harry Potter. The author talks about the main character and his main passion, which is to dig, he loves digging into the ground, and he's very influenced by his father, a doctor, who one day disappears. The main character enlists a friend from school and they find a tunnel under their house and at that point, they do find an underground world there. the ground is literally and metaphorically a dark place, ruled by an underground sect. the authors started writing the book in 2003 when they found themselves out of work. They initially published a few thousand copies but didn't have high hopes for it. when the man who discovered JK Rowling called them, it was a surprise. Now he's also plucked those authors from obscurity and think �Tunnels� has the qualities to be big. So far, the feeling has been right, �Tunnels� has sold 100,000 copies in the UK and the movie rights recently sold for more than a million dollars. This bookstore worker gives �Tunnels� the thumbs up.

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