This leader of the Pakistan People's Party was preparing a statement of the party's new policies, stressing checks and balances and the importance of an independent judiciary and free press�things Musharraf didn't respect while in power. The party leader also says Musharraf promised to step down if his party lost. If he doesn't, and if the PPP is able to build a two-thirds coalition, it could move to impeach him. Today PPP's leader and Benazir Buttho's husband skirted such questions of impeachment at a press conference. The PPP most likely political partner is Nawaz Sharif's party which won the second most amount of seats in the elections. Sharif sounded more determined to push Musharraf out. A former Musharraf minister disagrees that Musharraf's resignation would be good for Pakistan. So far Musharraf has said he's looking forward to working with the next government. As president he can still dismiss the elected government. For now the PPP seems to be keeping open the option of working with Musharraf.

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