This day has been coming since 2006 since Toshiba rolled out its HD DVD player, and soon after Sony rolled out its non-compatible Blue Ray technology. Both promised improved picture and sound and a pricey HD TV to go with the player. Everyone argued about which was better; it is after all the first time two Japanese heavyweights have gone head to head over the American couch potato market. Sony lost the Betamax battle to the VHS format back in the 80s. But in the case of next-gen DVD players, Blue Ray has won out. Toshiba's president today broke the news that HD DVD is dead. He said changes in the market condition, like Net Flix, Best Buy, Warner Bros and others saying they were going to Blue Ray. Still as late as Christmas, Walmart was flaunting HD DVD. Last week Walmart reversed course. It's not that much like Betamax all over again says this analyst. Ebay bids today on HD DVD players started as low as 99 cents.

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