The war on terror is a hot button topic in Pakistan. Some people resent it seeing as a topic in which the US bullies Pakistan. Benazir's Buttho's husband and the current chair of her political party, the Pakistan People's Party or PPP sees it differently. A group of US senators welcomed this attitude, including John Kerry. He says the current management of terrorism in Pakistan has led to an increase in terrorism in Pakistan. Some believe Musharraf has done a half hearted job while soaking up US aid. This US senator says tighter monitoring of that aid is needed but also says Americans don't have a full idea of the realities on the ground in Pakistan, including the will of the Pakistani government and the capacity of the Pakistani military. He says it's unrealistic to expect the Pakistani military to wipe out terrorists in tribal areas. He proposes tripling non-military aid as a means of fixing the attitudes that fuel terrorists and terrorism. This regional analyst says this would be a smart move. Many Pakistanis feel they're unfairly viewed as terrorists by Americans. This was on display today when Pakistani journalists were put through the security ringer by US Embassy Personnel before today's news conference. It didn't matter that the few Western journalists there were treated the same way. As America approaches its own elections, many Pakistanis hope a new relationship between the two countries will form.

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