(How would you describe the reactions among Cubans?) It's one of sadness and expectation of change. Many remain severely nationalistic, proud that they've managed to survive despite the US's embargos. However the economy is in real trouble and there's an expectation that there might be economic if not political changes. (Is the embargo on people's minds especially now?) I think thoughts are very clearly focused on Fidel Castro and who is going to take over. Most likely it'll be his brother, Raul, the acting leader for the past little bit. Raul said he would be prepared to meet with Washington once there's a change in president. (How is the media there which is government controlled handling the news?) When it comes down to why he's stepping down now is because this is constitutionally the time to do it, on Sunday the parliament will elect a new president. Really in terms of the media, all they have done is published in full the letter Castro wrote. People on the streets are just talking about it and how and what this is going to mean for their lives.

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