We have some radicals that would like to see the West confront Russia. We should do everything in our power to prevent that kind of an event because we've paid a huge price from the previous generation. (Are you saying Putin is a radical?) No, but among his people are some radicals. Putin is assuming new responsibilities and I would say give him a chance. He is realistic about the consequences of returning to the old reality. (What are those consequences?) they would be not that we would go into a hard conflict but it would stop the economic progress of people. (What is your relationship like with Putin? Does your country still fall under the sphere of influence of the Kremlin?) Realistically definitely. We've never been left out of their influence. We want a good working relationship with Russia and we not a threat. So let's work together for the common good of our people. (What about your relationship with the US?) I don't believe we can say which country can stop an overall cold war, that would be all the countries. Let's show good will.

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