Just about everyone thought the cartoon crisis was over, but then Danish authorities picked up two men for allegedly planning to murder the cartoonist of the now-infamous Mohammed with a Bomb cartoon. this coworker of the cartoonist says people at the paper have been deeply shaken. In 2006 the cartoons caused an uproar in the Muslim World. Islam prohibits depictions of Mohammed, much less provocative or even insulting images. All over the world, Muslims condemned the West and Danish diplomats were attacked. Commentators around the world debated freedom of the press versus the need for more cultural sensitivity. The Danes defended freedom of the press at all costs and five newspapers did so again today and republished the cartoons. This newspaper editor says this was a move of solidarity in response to the word of the assassination plans. Muslim communities are condemning the republishing but also are urging calm. So far the Middle East has been quiet too.

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