News made the rounds quickly here in Lebanon. But it wasn't until this announcement on Hezbollah's TV station made the impact. Some here are calling the killing of Mughniyeh the mother of all assassinations. Mughniyeh had run Hezbollah's military for decades and had been in hiding for nearly as long. It's believed he changed his appearance through plastic surgery multiple times. He was indicted in the US for the hijacking of an airliner in 1985 and is called the Osama of the 80s. He's also credited with a lot of kidnapping and bombed a US barracks in Lebanon in 1983. As of this afternoon he was on the FBI's Most Wanted list. Israel also blames him for two bombings in the 1990 that killed more than 200 people. Hezbollah blamed the Zionist Israelis, and Israel has denied any involvement. The US State Department said the world is better without this man in it. but the Lebanese Information Minister says the killing could damage chances for peace in the region. Syria said the killing was an embarrassment to Lebanon's government. Syria did not vow revenge against Israel.