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Australia apologizes to aboriginal people

Australia has finally said sorry to its indigenous people. Today Prime Minister Rudd apologized to the Stolen Generations, aboriginal children taken from their families in an attempt to dilute indigenous culture. The policy began in 1910 and lasted until the early 1970s. They've come to symbolize the treatment towards Australia's indigenous people. This aboriginal student says the formal apology and recognition means a great deal. The former and conservative Prime Minister had always refused to apologize declaring that modern Australia had no need to show contrition for the deeds of the past. Some members of Howard's Conservative Party said the former policies were well intentioned. Members of the Stolen Generation don't see it that way. This woman was one of these children. She says the government's apology went a long way. Other aborigines believe an apology is not enough and they're seeking reparations. This 68 year old man who was taken from his family says he should receive compensation. The Rudd government has ruled out a compensation fund and has instead pledged to lift living standards for all aborigines who suffer disproportionately high rates of incarceration and bad health and unemployment.

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