Secretary Rice visited Kandahar, the main city in the most volatile part of Afghanistan. Rice thanked multinational troops for what they're doing. There's no guarantee the country will realize a better day especially if the security situation in southern Afghanistan doesn't approve. Some believe NATO is in danger of losing Afghanistan. The Taliban fighters have been operating freely almost throughout the whole country and they're believed to be responsible for the deaths of 6,000 people last year. The US, Britain and Canada say they need more help from NATO partners. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he's worried the NATO alliance is in danger of splitting in two, those who are willing to protect and those who aren't. Gates is in Lithuania later this week. Canadians could be forced to pull out their troops if NATO doesn't contribute more. NATO Secretary General did concede more troops are needed in Afghanistan. That's the kind of attitude Washington wants to hear but today Germany refused to send some of its forced based in the north to the south. German Chancellor opposes splitting up the force.

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