The Israeli press and public have been interested in the presidential race. Israeli news read with the same explanations of results as American media. Israelis may be the only ones who miss Giuliani for his vocal support of Israel and his hard line approach towards the war on terror. Without him, Israelis lean towards McCain who has the support of Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman. They worry any incoming Republican will be less staunchly pro-Israel than George Bush. Huckabee raised his profile a bit with an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post talking about defeating Islamic fascism. Indeed Obama is drawing the most attention, not all positive, considering Obama's professed willingness to open a dialogue with Iran. Hillary Clinton is often cited as a known quantity for Israel, whereas Obama is new to Mid East politics. Israelis generally trust Jewish-American voters to take Israelis into account. One front page headline, Jews could play a key role on Tsunami Tuesday.

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