All day today Democrats have gathered to choose between Obama and Clinton. The crowd is mostly over 30 and an informal exit suggests Obama as a clear winner. This man speaks about his dislike for having two families in power for so long. This man says he voted for Obama too and that Senator Clinton disappointed him after 9/11. The war in Iraq comes up as the #1 issue here and many, like that man, think Obama will get them out quicker. The war is the top concern for Europeans as well. This Democrat Abroad is telling his fellow Spaniards that they can vote in the US presidential elections too. His idea is trying to get Spaniards to get their American friends to vote. He says no idea how many people have heeded, but it worked for this Spaniard man. For the Spanish the debate is less over Clinton and Obama as opposed to just ending Bush years. Democrats Abroad leaders expect tens of thousands of votes worldwide. This worker for Democrats Abroad says the overseas ballot is more than symbolic. Democrats Abroad send delegates to the party convention and they can be crucial for pushing a candidate over the top. The worker also cites overseas' votes impacts on past elections, including 2006 Senate races in Montana and Virginia. He says the more organized Democrats Abroad are, the more candidates pay attention, and both Obama and Clinton have been heavily courting.

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