I was in a giant superstore when the lights went out. Think about what even momentary darkness at your local galleria would mean. Most people would panic. Here it's par from the course. Almost everyone subscribes to a generator service or has their own. the state power utility is unreliable and was no match for last week's snow. The snow fell for about 10 inches and blanketed the mountain village where I now live. My house lost power multiple times, once for 7 hours. The state power utility provides no back up power. They don't clear the roads here so cars slid helplessly. This morning when I began the process of getting furniture here I had to be interviewed by the head of customs. Then I had another interview. He made it clear my stuff was in his hands. He said things in the US are too straight. Sure things are relatively batty but the people are all friendly. I haven't heard any anti-American slogans or any ill will. People are content to just live and let live.