The first bomber exploded his suicide vest in the shopping mall. This man ran to help. He saw blood and body parts. He says he was in shock and then was screaming and then the man saw another bomber. The second bomber had been hit by the explosion. The man helped drag away a wounded woman and then took cover. An Israeli TV crew videotaped what happened next. As the wounded bomber waived his hand back and forth an Israeli policeman dropped to one knee and shot the man several times in the head. The town is two hours south of Jerusalem, at the top of the Negev Desert. It's not far from Hebron and locals say Arabs and Bedouins live side by side in the quiet town and there had never been a bomb attack here before. This taxi driver said he never believed it would happen here but now all Arabs will be worried they'll be looked at like suspects. The impact of the bomb reaches beyond the city. A year without suicide bombings had allowed some room for talks between Israeli and Palestinians governments. Today's bomb gives ammunition to critics of the talk. This opposition politician says the Palestinians don't have control over his people. He says concessions don't bring a cessation in terror. The last suicide bombing against Israel was at the Red Sea town of Eilat just over a year ago. That bomber entered Israel from Egypt. Authorities suspect these bombers came from Gaza Strip into Egypt while the border was open and then came to Israel. Several Palestinian groups in Gaza rushed to claim responsibility and within hours Israelis launched an air strike in northern Gaza, killing a man they say was responsible for planning attacks in Israel.