Tadic told Serbians that their country can continue a path towards prosperity, which means towards Europe. European Union showed their pleasure with Tadic's win. Tadic barely beat a hardlined nationalist and close ally of Russia. He represents a large percentage of Serbians who mistrust the West. The EU's Foreign Chief said the EU would speed up talks with Serbia. Serbia's bid to join the EU has been in limbo in part because Serbia hasn't turned over UN war crimes suspects such as General Ratco Mladic. But that's not keeping Tadic supporters from celebrating. But Serbs living in Kosovo are dismayed. Kosovo is mainly ethnic Albanian. It's expected to declare independence within weeks. Europe and the US say they'll back the move. This man says he's lost everything and he doesn't see changes for the better. Serb forces cracked down on ethnic Albanian separatists in Kosovo in the 1990s and were driven out by a US led NATO bombing campaign in the 1999. Since then Kosovo has been administered by the UN. Serbs strongly object to Kosovo's independence, including Tadic. The EU hopes fast tracking their talks with Serbia can help the country weather the loss of Kosovo.