As Americans turn out for caucuses and primaries in 24 states, Super Tuesday has the rapt attention of people with no direct role to play. Will America choose a black man or a woman? Will the world's most powerful country be led by a businessman, a military veteran or a former preacher? On Reporter's Notebook, what kind of person wants to face the rigors of a modern presidential campaign?

Satellites, cable TV and other communications technologies have made America’s presidential process more accessible than ever before. And this year, the rest of the world is watching.


- Duncan Campbell: Senior Correspondent, "The Guardian"
- Alexander Schwabe: Editor, Spiegel Online
- Viktor Kremenyuk: Deputy Director, Institute of the USA and Canada's Russian Academy of Sciences
- Shlomo Avineri: Professor of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
- Gailane Gabr: Egyptian political analyst; Columnist, Egypt Today
- Denise Dresser: Professor of Political Science at ITAM
- Francois Gouahinga: Editor of the French All Africa website

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