(Tell me about this morning's radio show. Normally you play music, now you're reporting on the violence.) This morning is about, where is our President, who is going to stop the militia while we find a way forward? (What do your listeners say?) A lot of listeners say it's time he spoke to us, we need leadership. We are a fabulous people, what we lack now is leadership. What do we do next? Some people are even going as far as saying, call in the military, and you never want the military to take over a country in Africa. We need leadership. (When you say the militia needs to be stopped, who do you believe the militia to be? Are they the kind of people who would listen to sane calls to be calmed down?) They would have to be called off by the very politicians who are funding them. These are paid gangs whose job it is to go and flush out other people from their communities. (Is there evidence that the militias are being paid by political actors?) plenty of evidence. we could probably name a few names, but there's issues of libel. (How have things taken such a downward turn so quickly?) It's like a virus. Within 10-15 days, protests over the election have turned into something else. This has created a situation the protesters can't even control anymore. Politicians in general don't understand what weight their words carry. For the average Kenyan living in rural areas, that representative is their politician. If that politician says get rid of these people, they take that as gospel. (Privately could these gangs be exactly what some of the politicians wanted?) That is true for a lot of them. Politics have developed in Kenya and Africa where some believe that if our guy in elected than we'll get favors. (For those other voices in the media and on the radio, do they sound similar to you?) The media seems sane. The media has come together, you'd be proud of us. you cannot get on the airwaves and make the situation worse. What can we say to make the country safer and move the country forward. We need leadership.