FBI plans international database

(Tell us how the name �Server in the Sky� appropriately describes what this database is). What we're looking for is a secure capability to work with our partners internationally. We do that now in mailing fingerprints, say. So this is really just an improvement. (So aside from fingerprints, what else would it be?) It could be any number of other biometrics, palm prints, scar marks, tattoos, an iris scan, but I think for the most part probably finger based. (Now for you to get a biometric, the person has to do something wrong first, correct?) There's an authorized reason for us to be involved with us. we have 54 million fingerprints on file, all folks involved in criminal activity, arrested of convicted. (Is that just Americans?) No but the majority. (Presumably when you can get more biometric information that would be even more people?) It would be collected in conjunction with that. You wouldn't be going out and just collecting that info, there needs to be a reason. (What about if it's for preventing terrorism? Could you get an iris scan of everyone who's been to Afghanistan?) No plans for that. We would be taking fingerprints or iris scans of known terrorists, but not random acquiring of data. There won't be any profiling. That's not how people get into our system. (How do you resolve the issue of privacy?) You use technology responsibly.