January can be a dark and cold month in northern latitudes. But not "down under". We're looking for an Australian city where a summer arts festival is in full bloom. This annual three-week festival goes on all over the city. There are concerts in the city's waterfront parks, dancing in its opera house, and multimedia shows in its royal botanic gardens. The festival's got something for everyone: From Björk to the Beach Boys, from didjeradoo players to the symphony orchestra, more than 500 artists are featured. The cultural event of the year attracts an estimated one million visitors to the city...including Jane who just emerged from a circus cabaret show: Jane: I thought tonight's show was fabulous, I've been lining up for two years to get tickets. It's so hard to get tickets, they're like hen's teeth, they just sell out so quickly, but I was lucky tonight, I got in! This festival makes this city worth living in. So can you name the city where tickets can be as rare as "hen's teeth"... and where a world famous opera house is at center stage? Without further ado...the answer is...Sydney, where the Sydney Festival is now taking place. Sheri Fink wandered around the festival the other day with microphone and GPS device in hand .... ...starting off at 33-degrees south, 151 degrees east.