In this man's home, three of his thirteen children are playing football. It's a happier household today. the man, �look here's some fridge. I bought some cheese, soft drinks, oil and clothes. Not a lot but what we could afford. There are 13 children in this house. My trip was hard but it was good. I walked a lot but it was safe. The prices for sure were far more expensive. When they saw all these people coming they put the prices up for everything. Thank God I don't smoke.� Egyptian traders have been accused of exploiting their unexpected visitors for profit but for the man's wife, to be able to wash cups and plates with soap is a welcome change. She says, �I didn't have the things I needed to have, food, cleaning things, you couldn't find them in the market here. These supplies will last a week or two, not more. I'm worried that the closure here will continue and there will be nothing here for people to eat. Then what will happen? People will start stealing and there will be even more poverty.� Her husband is more optimistic, �we are living in a prison but now it's a slightly bigger prison and it was good to go there and get out and visit. I hope it's open for a long time, even all the way to Cairo.�