How will our new president grease the wheels of official Washington to get an agenda of “change” through Congress? How will the bold visions of change, lofty hopes and dreams and policy promises in each contender’s campaign rhetoric translate into reality? What are the challenges? What impact can personality, leadership style, experience and strategy translate into policy success? And what can we learn from history?

Presented by "Capitol News Connection" Bureau Chief Melinda Wittstock, "President Change" is a ‘read-between-the-lines’ documentary that looks at the current candidates and envisions what they would bring to the presidency. What do voters need to know about the candidates? How would a visionary “non-COO” President Obama go about changing Washington? How about a methodical, detail-oriented President Clinton, or a “corporate turnaround” CEO President Romney? A preacher President Huckabee, or a “straight-talker” with a temper President McCain? How do these candidates’ personalities and experiences bode for how they will govern? Any new President will have to work with Congress, and with some very powerful and entrenched special interests. What can history tell us about the odds of their success?

Created by Bureau Chief and Executive Producer Melinda Wittstock, "Capitol News Connection" provides insightful, localized coverage of participating stations' congressional delegations.

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