Down Under, mysteries without end

A national obsession revived 30 years on. Australian voters deliver their verdict: none of the above. A gaggle of independent country politicians hold the key to the nation’s future. The Queen’s representative finds her family ties an issue. The markets wait and wonder what comes next. And how much money is too much for a young woman who claims she was sexually harassed by the boss?

Business, Economics and Jobs

Milking the silly season

David Cameron clears up spilt milk. Tony Blair tries to clear his image. Sarah Ferguson just wants to clear her debts. David Beckham is grounded, as are thousands of vacationers. Plus Winston Churchill’s UFO secrets revealed.


Strike causes turmoil across South Africa

Babies die as civil servants strike for wage increase. Press freedom under threat. Mandela fund board member resigns over blood diamonds. HSBC to buy a controlling stake in top South African bank. And a new made-in-South Africa addition to the Oxford English Dictionary.