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The end of food

The signs are all around us: salmonella outbreaks, riots over food shortages, fears over mad cow disease, water shortages, skyrocketing global food prices. These are portents for the end of easily accessible food. Paul Roberts, author of The End of Food and The End of Oil sees the potential cataclysm ahead.

Health & Medicine

Ukraine interview

The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse reports on a coal mine accident in Ukraine, where today, rescue workers announced they'd helped 23 miners to safety while others remain missing, though.


Outward Bound: PTSD

Afghanistan combat veteran Kyle Stozek and New York Times reporter Conrad Mulcahy talk about post-traumatic stress disorder and a new outdoor education program that helps soldiers who suffer from it.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Discriminating dollars

A U.S. federal appeals court has ruled that American paper money discriminates against the blind; Jos Eijsermans explains to anchor Lisa Mullins how many other countries' currencies have been adapted to help the visually impaired.

Business, Economics and Jobs

David Michaels

Epidemiologist and former Assistant Secretary of Energy David Michaels talks about his new book, in which he describes the rise of "mercenary scientists" and "product defense" firms.

Arts, Culture & Media

The Diving Bell and The Butterly

In 1995, when a massive stroke left French magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby totally paralyzed, the only way he could communicate was by blinking his left eye. And that's how he dictated his memoir, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. Kurt talks to painter and filmmaker Julian Schnabel about how he turned Bauby's book into a movie, just out on DVD.

Health & Medicine

Texas abstinence

Faith talks to journalist Katy Vince about the broad failure of abstinence education programs in the state of Texas, as described in her new Texas Monthly article, ?Faith, Hope and Chastity.?